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Architraves provide a means to beautify door and window frames. They usually come with simple to complex profilings depending on the theme of the house.

Skirting (Plinth)

Skirting removes the monotonous feel of a straight wall by beautifying its base. The profiling of a skirting usually follows the theme of the house.


Stairs and Landing Steps

Stairs are an important part of a house. One option is to cover them with durable wood. Wooden stair steps are more comfortable than ceramic or marble ones.



Dowels are round wooden poles with many uses including handrails, curtain rods, coat holders and door handles.

Lumber Ceiling

Lumber ceiling is ceiling cover that helps enhance and add texture to your room design.


Custom Moulding and Wall Panel

If you have your own design, or need to match an existing profiles, we can make it using any variety of timber species.

Wooden Floors

Wooden floors give a warm, intimate atmosphere in all living spaces in your home.

merbau flooring.jpg


At Naga Jaya, we provide standard and customised frame designs for your photos, mirror, art or sentimental items.

Wooden Blinds

Naga Jaya introduces a new type of wooden window blinds, which gives your home a classical flair.


Rough Sawn Timbers

Sourcing and availing high quality timber has been Naga Jaya's core business for the past decade and our customers have been trusting us with all their important projects.


Wooden Doors

Beautify the facade of your home by using wood to construct your gate or door. We recommend using hard wood as it does not rust and is termite resistant, making it a more longer lasting material than steel.



Beautiful handrails accentuate the design of a staircase and its railing. We can help you custom make your own design or you can simply choose from our collection of simple yet elegant handrails.


Table Top

We specialise in wide and thick Merbau table tops. Large table tops have to come from large logs and they are hard to come by. We provide Merbau table tops of various thickness, widths and lengths.


Loose Solid Furnitures

Naga Jaya has recently expanded its business to manufacture solid furnitures with modern design using different types of wood such as Nyatoh, Merbau, White-Oak, Meranti and other types of wood.

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