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We specialize in wide and thick table tops. Large table tops come from large logs that are hard to come by. The resulting tops usually have beautiful textures because large logs come from trees that mature well. One of the australasian trees that may still have large diameter trunks is Merbau. We provide solid wood like Merbau table tops of various thickness, widths and lengths that still have their bark attached to them which will preserve the natural look of the wood. You can either choose the table-top or have your entire table made by us, using large Merbau slabs as its legs.

Other species of wood that are commonly made into table tops are Teak, Mahogany and Sungkai. However they are not available in large sizes and need to be laminated to be used as top tables. Like Merbau wood, the Teak wood that are available in our inventory have their bark still attached to them and they too can be made into top tables with natural look. Whatsapp us today to get your quote for your project.

Available large sizes for Merbau Wood:
Thickness range 8cm – 15cm
Width range 100cm – 150cm
Length range 280cm – 580cm

Available sizes for Teak Wood:

Thickness range 3cm - 8cm

Width range 20cm - 50cm

Length range 250cm - 300cm

Available sizes for Sungkai Wood:

Thickness range 3cm - 6cm

Width range 12cm - 20cm

Length range 200cm - 400cm


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